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magical HQ lesbians floating in sparkle by Pummelpanda
magical HQ lesbians floating in sparkle
KiyoYachi as flower witches!

Drawn for the #Kiyoyachiweek on tumblr (prompt: AU/flowers). Sadly the picture took me several days, so I didn't finish it in time.
Free! - At your service by Pummelpanda
Free! - At your service
Once I saw Makoto's Machi Café outfit, I wanted to draw him serving tea or coffee. However, instead of chic hipster glasses and an apron he got a butler's attire. (I don't even know how and when it happened. Guess I'm way too much into Victorian fashion...)

For more sketches, wips and more, please check out my art tumblr!

Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (c) Kyoto Animation
Medium of Choice: Easy Painttool SAI
I got tagged by :icontshuki: - haven't done this for a long time!

The rules:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves.
3. Answer 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions that people you tag will answer.
4. Choose 10 people + put their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and inform them that they have been TAGGED!
6. Not something silly like: 'you are tagged of you read this.'
7. You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. No tag-backs.
9. Can't say, no tags.
10. Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry. // God, just feel free to ignore these rules if you don't want to.

10 things about me:
1. At the moment I'm trying out some Korean skincare products. I'll probably write a review for them!
2. Regarding my own artworks I get depressed easily. There were times when drawing was the hardest thing for me, and those marks still show. Even if someone encourages me, I'm lacking self-confidence. I've been disappointed about my skills and have disappointed others, too.
3. Since I don't have English lessons at school anymore, my English skills have gradually deteriorated.
4. The movie "Up" makes me cry every time.
5. I met some of the most dislikable and some of the most amazing people at university. Seriously - I didn't expect to meet such nice fellow students. One of them has become one of my best friends, some encouraged me to do what I like the most although they didn't know me well. And there's one person who surprised me a lot - we shared our LINE addresses and turns out her icon is Ymir from Attack on Titan.
6. "Capital of Flowers" by Rihito Takarai is beautiful in my opinion. I love the first part.
7. I like Prague more than Paris.
8. My sewing machine is broken.
9. People say I shouldn't concentrate on drawing manga so much, but rather focus on landscapes, realistic depictions and classical paintings. That makes me quite sad because I'd probably be better at these, but I like drawing manga better.
10. At home I dress like a hobo.

Tshuki's question:
1. How are you feeling today?
Okay. I am quite exhausted from teaching little children. orz
2. What are your top 3 favorite artists at this moment?
Loish, Oliviawhen, Mucha
3. What was the last great thing that happened to you? Like, really great - made you smile from ear to ear.

4. What is your favorite thing to draw lately? Is it different from some time ago.
Ummm, I started to draw boys more often than girls. That was WAY different some time ago.
5. What would you like to do with your art in the future? (like, draw comic or artbook or be in game industry?)
I'd like to attain better drawing skills, try to sell some prints of mine and become successful in the industry.
6. Did you watch stuff from the latest anime season? (Winter 2014 anime) If yes, what were your favorites?
Sorry, I'm not sure how you define "latest anime season", but I watched Hoozuki no reitetsu and Kill la Kill. Can only recommend both series.
7. Did you read some real awesome manga lately?
Emma by Kaoru Mori. That mangaka is a genius.
8. What's your favorite animal?
Pandas, otters and seals. I can't decide which one I like the most.
9. What's your favorite flower?
Roses, peonies and cherry blossoms. Can't decide, arhhhghh.
10. If someone were to give you a gift art - which character of yours would you like to have?
I only have one OC, Yukio Herzog. And I love my baby. ;w;

My questions:
1. What's your favourite dish?
2. Tell me about your very first memories.
3. What was your favourite activity during your childhood?
4. Do you buy a lot at conventions? If yes, what sort of products?
5. Do you prefer short or long hair?
6. What's your fashion style like?
7. What's a habbit you can't lose?
8. How is your relationship to your sibling?
9. If you didn't draw, what would you do instead?
10. What do you think of the Slice of Life genre?

I tag:
:iconimakination: :iconfuwishi: :icondragonolong: :iconhachiyo: :iconcyantea: :iconni-shi-ki: :iconrayame: :iconvery-black-cat: :iconaelve: :iconasurarena:

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Happy BD! Hope you have a good time today! *o* <33 //Listen to Queen - "Don't stop me now", if you ever run out of ideas about having a good time. :'D
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hope ya have a great birthday!! :iconkissingplz:
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Happy birthdaaay~! Keep up with those good works of yours in the new year ! CX
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Thank you for the +watch. ^_^
Your art and your cosplays look beautiful!
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I'm really happy to hear these words. ;_;
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Did i mention that your art is amazing? xD I love it
Pummelpanda Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
Wow, thank you! Your words make me smile ;_;
YumisaR Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
But its true :o *hugs* x)
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